[Bug][Help] Contact program not worning, cant add users, endless spinner

Hello I am running nextcloud 12.0 on Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS . When I click on the contact button, program will take me to the contact page i get the spinning circle it stop I click on the new contact button and nothing happens. I uninstall it, I removed it reinstalled it same issue. I added my wife created a account and login as her and the contact program works as it should. Right now as the first user my wife being the second user my contact setup is not working. I cant add new users.


Same problem here. The only answer I’ve gotten so far was having my account suspended for posting about it.

Can you check your nextcloud-logfile? And also the errors in developer tool’s console.

Hey what i had do to work around it was create another user, with that I
can use the contact program

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Sorry for the late reply.
An endless spinning loader indicates that one or more contacts is corrupted and crashes the app.
The 1.5.4 version will try to fix some of these.

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