Bug Fix test for Files_Retention - How to Invoke a modded app via shell

I had a issue with autodeletion using the Files_Retention app. One of the Contributors/Maintainers sent me a notice with a mod of the app’s background php file to test. I have reviewed the occ command options, run crontab manually, etc. Is there a way to invoke a NextCloud app (in this case the /var/www/nextcloud/apps/files_retention/lib/BackgroundJob/RetentionJob.php modded file) command from the shell? Im figuring sudo -u www-data .

You can just put the modified file. Don’t forget to backup the original one (though it can be extracted from the NC archives of your version again).

Thanks for replaying. I should have provided more details. I had already backed up the original file and replaced it with the modded update to test. I reviewed the sudo -u www-data crontab -l entry. It referenced the php file for nextcloud. I ran that manually but the files_retention job did not start. Unfortunately my php programming still in a work in progress. I looked and the occ command did not have a way to just start(test) one module. So, other then setting the using the date command to fastforword the date to get the right crontab action to go into effect, I was hoping to do it possiblely in a more correct manner. Either way within 6 hours the files_retention deletion routine completed and removed the older files correctly.

It’s probably the best to ask the Contributer/Maintainer who sent you the modification. Often these snippets add stuff to the logfiles.