Bug - error in parameter handling


I tried to use Piwik plugin with NC13.0.4. I’ve an external piwik server. It didn’t work. Using Firefox F12 console, I found the following error:
SyntaxError: unexpected token: identifier[Learn More] piwik.js:1:5.
This error is basically talking about a missing “;” somewhere in piwik.js. But the piwik.js code is loaded from the piwik server and for me it’s hard to believe that the error is comming from there.

I do believe that the code which creates the parameter which are then handled to piwik.js is causing this error.

Does someone have any hints/ideas on this?
I really would like to have nextcloud tracked by piwik.



The installation hints for Piwik plugin are always referring to the /piwik/ folder on the piwik server, which is not the case on my system. piwik is installed in document root in a sub-domain…

ref https://github.com/sualko/cloud_piwik/issues/60