[BUG]: Email theming: missing files, subjects and wrong logo

Hi all,
I want to change email theminig in my NC11. I have few related questions:

  1. it seems like there are some mail templates missing, for example GUI refuse to work with “Sharing Mail” (both versions). Is there any list of file names for all possible mails? Can I get those files somewhere (working template)?
  2. Is it possible to change subjects of the mail? If not, than this is feature request :wink:
  3. While theming, I have changed all my logos to my own, but in emails, there are still default NC logos. How would I get my logos (for example in default mail template)?

So, the missing file names are apperantly “internalmail.php” and “internalaltmailt.php”

  1. What functions/variables are related to internal shares (link, name of faile, etc.)
  2. Is there way to test results faster than waiting for hourly email?

Nobody has an idea?

@ALL, is Nextcloud team planning to fix or respond to these questions about customizing e-mail templates that is not working to date? Or should we plan for a working session to get over these? I’m more then willing to change my language settings back to English (now on Dutch) if it only works for standard English templates to be changed. I’m now stuck a little bit in the middle in my migration from owncloud where I change it easily but in NC11 I can’t. I did look as well at suggestions from others or the admin manual/github to change it hardcoded but I’m not getting the impression to hack the files in such way that could potentially destroy more during a next NC upgrade. Any feedback/suggestions are welcome!

Btw, it is even worse, as I don’t get any sharing emails. The SMTP works, I do get lost passwords links emails, new user emails etc.

I have a number of the same questions raised by strjan that seem to be unanswered.