[BUG] Download button in gallery view STILL misaligned in 12.0.1

The bug was reported 2 months ago, and you still managed to keep it in the new release build. Congratulations on that.

To reproduce, share a gallery, log out from nextcloud, load the shared gallery, go to thumbnail view.

This is after nextcloud managed to release a non functioning gallery (advancing images would fail) the last time around, in the SAME view, and after people reported, that this was broken - two months ago.

Congratulation for not caring about your UI at all.

Now for the next two months of waiting, until you could actually link image galleries to someone, and have them look presentable.

You guys are really something…

Not much love,


Please link the corresponding issue on the bug tracker. Once it is there, you have to wait for a fix or make a pull request yourself.