[Bug] Display a contact by its organization when it does not have a name

When a contact doesn’t have a personal name, the contacts app displays it as “New contact”. If the contact has an organization name, the contacts app should display that name instead of “New contact”.

I discovered this today when I imported my contacts into a brand new instance of Nextcloud 12.0.2.

Why should it display the organization name, when it has no personal name. I don’t understand why this should be a bug and not a feature, that you want to get implemented.

It’s a bug because there is no easy way to distinguish one organization from another in the contacts app. I can’t find an organization by browsing the scrollable list. Instead, I have to search. Searching only works if I remember the name of the organization.

By contrast, the the default Android Contacts app does what I want, displaying a contact by the organization name when there is no personal name.

Nextcloud’s contacts app isn’t the only one to misbehave this way. KDE’s KAddressbook does it, too, when Nextcloud is the CardDAV server. When I used DAViCal for CardDAV, KAddressbook behaved as I expected, displaying the organization name when there is no personal name.

Then I would suggest to report this on github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues

Good idea! Someone already reported it. it’s Issue 241: Imported vCard Org contacts are all displayed as “New Contact”

And it’s being worked on :slight_smile: