[Bug] Can't import all contacts from vcf file

When importing contacts from vcf-File, i get a lot of errors saying “Contact can not be created”.

  • The vcf-File was exported with Contacts-App from Nextcloud 10.1. Now i have Nextcloud 11.0.1.
  • All the contacts are either VCARD Version 3.0 or 4.0
  • import fails also for contacts WITHOUT Umlaute (äöü)


I have the same problem.
I did it with a workarroud. Nextcloud uses SabreDav in the background, which can be accessed with a WEBDAV client.
I downloaded the vcards directly from the old installation and copied it to the new installation.
All my contacts appeared again.

E.g. with KDE’s Dolphin you can type in the address field:

However, there is still a problem.
When I export the contacts and import it again, there are still errors.
I tried to find a certain contact which might not be properly formated, but it seems not to be special contact.
May be it’s to many, I have >1000 Contacts …
But even with 100+ i came across that issue.


got it!
all the contacts with birthday couldn’t be imported!

in the old vcf-File the BDAY Format was dd.mm.jjjj

it must be: jjjj-mm-dd

Ended up in changing all BDAY Strings manually :frowning: But now all contacts are imported!