[Bug] Can not add contacts (angular.js)

i´ve activated the contact app, but it does not work. When i open the app via the menu icon in the header, i see the left sidebar, on the right side a big icon with no contacts and in the middle i see a spinner, but nothing happens (no errors in the console). When i use the buttan “add new contact” i get the following angular.js error:

angular.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:13920 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘displayName’ of undefined
at new Contact (contact_model.js:12)
at Object.create (contact_service.js:86)
at Object.ctrl.createContact (newContactButton_controller.js:10)
at fn (eval at compile (angular.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:14817), :4:269)
at expensiveCheckFn (angular.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:15906)
at callback (angular.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:25885)
at Scope.$eval (angular.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:17682)
at Scope.$apply (angular.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:17782)
at HTMLButtonElement. (angular.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:25890)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (core.js?v=70a80628f907bccedb7fadbfa02728f2-0:3)

Maybe some you can help. Thanks a lot.

You need to create an addressbook first! :slight_smile:
Look at the settings section