[Bug] Birthdays in contacts - sync to IOS

I´m trying to sync my contacts to my iphone. Everything is working well, except the birthday information in contacts. The birthday information is not transfered to the iphone. I tried to add a new contact with birthday information directly via browser in nextcloud. All contact informations (name, number etc.) are transfered to my iphone contacts, but no birthday. When I add the birthday in a contact on my iphone, the contacts will be synchronized to the nextcloud contact folder including the birthday information. Who can help me?

I did several tests and the synchronisation is definetely not working with these versions:
Contacts 3.0.1

I tried it with older versions of nextcloud and the contacts app and all works well.
It seems, that the contacts app 3.0.1 has a bug with birthdays

Hello, you can follow the existing issue here: https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/850 :slight_smile: