Bug after automatic Plesk Nextcloud Installation


i just cant login to nextcloud after the installation. See why: https://nextcloud.jonashanke.de/nextcloud/index.php/login
It dont shows me the login field. What can i do

@CxlledGhost strange, have you a specific port to use nextcloud on your plesk server ?

idk i have installed it on a new repository and deleted it the old one, heres the new: https://nextcloud.jonashanke.de/nx/index.php/login
it stills shows no login form :frowning:
im using shared hosting

@CxlledGhost have you add your domain in trusted domain the config.php of nextcloud ?

wait im checking

this is the default code:rUQ6s
What should i edit?

it is correctly set :+1:
Iā€™m trying to find other solutions

thanks man!

@CxlledGhost I found this in doc of nextcloud :
see : General troubleshooting ā€” Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Other issues

Some services like Cloudflare can cause issues by minimizing JavaScript and loading it only when needed. When having issues like a not working login button or creating new users make sure to disable such services first.

maybe this page can help you :

thanks! this article worked: Protecting NextCloud behind CloudFlare Firewall and Anti-DDoS | Autoize

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but now it shows me the login field, i enter the right details, click on login but nothing happens

i fixed it it was a php error

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