Browser video playback is making me crazy!

I have nextcloud up and running fine. I have an iphone and a pixel3 uploading photos and videos to the server automatically. Works fine. My problem is that I use chrome and it will only play the videos from the pixel3 and won’t play anything from the iphone. And when I use Edge, it’s the opposite, only supports iphone videos but not pixel3. I have tried Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera and firefox. After a week pulling my hair out trying to get a browser that supports all the move files is killing me. I love NC but am about to give up because not have playback working in the browser is a deal breaker.

On edge I get this error:

on other browsers I just get a black box with the audio playing…

Anyone else have this problem? Is there a browser that is recommended? Am I missing something here? Is there a plugin or some other setting i need to configure?

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated!