Browser notification on incoming call/new message

Hi there,
I’m using NC 18.03 with Talk 8.0.8 on ubuntu server 16.04 with apache2 and coturn.

When receiving a call or a message, I get instant push notifications on all my mobile devices. But when using a web browser (chrome/firefox) and being logged in no notification about new message or incoming calls at all. Not even when Talk is the active browser tab. Is that (a somehow strange) intended behavior or is there something to configure in NC?


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No one? Really? Not even an answer if this is normal behavior? Come on! Please!!!

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Same here, once it happened no more notifications on neither mobile or browser and don’t know how to fix it.

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Same here as well on a brand new installation, no desktop notifications, no sounds, no options to set anything. I can only see a star on the tab or a red dot on the bell. That’s too weird for a Chat/Communication app not to have common notifications, anyone could make it work?

I managed to get it work.
I suggest you to have a look in Chrome Settings to enable notifications, PopUps and Announcements for the website explicitly and it should work fine, it’s not in realtime but there is a sound and a visual notification after a few seconds even if the focus is on a different platform function.
It’s curious because on the first Pc Desktop I tried I didn’t get the Notification request as usual and I had to change the options manually.

I have noticed that the notifications are not sent out if one of your tabs is active in the target Chat you want the notification to appear. Not sure why it is this way. If the user does not have the tab active, it should send out a notification. I hope this gets fixed soon. Mobile Notifications work great.


This really is that one issue we have, which keeps us from getting talk to the people…

it still is the same here… and because of this the message won’t be delivered to mobile too…
also it needs a notification sound!

04.02.2022: still no news :frowning: