Browser integration

Is there a browser app for nc 21 and higher ?
Will be nice to have a browser inside.
When I like to travel to china there is only a vpn connection one way to have all internet pages. But is not allowed now. But my nextcloud i can reach from there.
So if I had a browser inside will be great.

So, you are wishing to use nextcloud to circumvent local laws of the region in which you are traveling?

that’s not my goal. I want to read my data and messages when I’m there. Companies also use VPN. I don’t want to do that, even though I have my own server running. Even without me being in another country, it would be a great thing to have an integrated browser.

You can route Nextcloud through a VPN. This is actually a good security policy, but it will (obviously) prevent anyone outside the VPN from accessing your server, so sharing will be a no-go. Or, route through a Tor Hidden Service.

Internet searches will tell you instructions. Good luck.

Thanks… But this what I don’t Like to do. Maybe in Future there is a Browser App for this…

I doubt this since it comes with big security problems integrating a browser in a website.


To do what you want, you would have to install a browser engine in headles mode on your Nextcloud server and do all kinds of shenanigans to proxy the contents of the websites to your actual browser, from which you access your nextcloud. These are imho things that do not belong in a product that has a professional claim and calls itself “safe harbor for your data”.

Beside of that, all existing solutions to achieve something like this, have limitations and as @szaimen already said, this comes with all sorts of security implications.

Use a VPN. Or if you really want something like that, put it on a separate machine / VM for security reasons. But a VPN connection is much easier to set up and more reliable. If known VPN providers are blocked, you could also host a VPN server yourself.


If a VPN for whatever reason is not suitable for you, you could use a Remote Desktop solution like Apache Guacamole. With a product like this you can connect to a remote machine / VM via Port 443/https in a browser. This would be the proper solution, if you want to access desktop apps on a remote machine inside your browser.

You could also have a look at this…

Hope that helps…

Thanks for reply… I have a selfhostet vpn and wireguard and also Guacamole . I have thought will be a good Idea to have a Browser Inside my nextcloud. So … thanks for your Informations …

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The idea is not bad. But it isnt’t spomething that can be easy implemented. :slight_smile:

If you’re still interested in what’s possible, and how something like that could work, you can check out Puppeteer…

Thanks … I will Test it.

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You can also look software like Glype for your webserver but not for your nextcloud.