Browser extensions sync?

Hi there,

I am wondering, Is there a way to sync the browser’s extensions to nextcloud?, rather than having to rely on firefox / google / brave / vivaldi 's synchronization thingies ?

That is one of the reasons I have not cancelled my firefox and brave accounts, tracking the extensions still depend on that,


You are correct that extension management is through the browsers themselves. They live outside of Nextcloud. #apps:bookmarks can be synced across browser platforms. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeap, I use the bookmark app everywhere, it works fine, I thought maybe I could use NC to track the extensions, that way I could just use librewolf and close my mozilla login.


Well, search engines are your friend since all of this really depends on the browsers… if you can locate the right folder locations you can add them as a sync location in your cloud.

This should help you sort it out.

Yeah, I was able to import firefox profile into librewolf profile, I guess I just have to keep a backup of it and it is just fine.

It would be very interesting if a browser’s sync system could be replaced for something else.