Browser Extension "Save to ..."?

Hi everyone!
As I’d like to switch all my Google hosted files from Drive to NC: Is there a browser extension that allows to right-click an image or link and have it uploaded to my NC installation, maybe a preferred folder?

There’s some exntension for Chrome at least, that allows for saving to Google Drive and thus shows what I want.
Here’s the extensions’ homepage:

Any idea?

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This is a nice idea for a browser extension. I put it to the feature requests.

That’s great news! :+1:

I was looking for something like this. Is somebody working on this? A simple bookmarklet to add content to Nextcloud or a browser extension? Would be extremely useful!

Already there for a long time: ocDownloader with the browser extensions for Firefox and Chromium-based (Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera maybe Brave) browsers. Even desktop and mobile apps are available (but not yet published).

Ah yes, of course ocDownloader. And what about the same for webpages, especially excerpts from webpages. I know Joplin does it, but I’d rather save the content as Markdown files with a human readable file name independently from any apps

For whole websites you might like Wallabag. Qownnotes also has a browser extension for saving websites (as HTML or screenshot) and it saves them in standard markdown files you can name as you like them.

Yes, Wallabag is very useful. Unfortunately you cannot manually add texts. Qownnotes saves everything in plain text. How do you save in HTML?

Even better, in my opinion, would be if we could use NC’s new and fabulous text editor. When pasting texts, formatting, incl valuable links, is preserved. It is then easier to add tags at the same time, while tags added in Qownnotes are not preserved in Nextcloud