Browse by title, tag, series

Are there other ways to browse books than by author’s name? When I browse my books with FB Reader, I can see only the author names. I’d like to be able to browse by title or by tag or by series.

Browsing by author is good enough for small collections or for collections in which the authors are well known. I keep many books and technical papers for reference. I don’t always know which book or paper corresponds to which author. For example, for work, I keep over 300 of the IETF Requests for Comments. It’s useless for me to browse them by author because there are so many authors but infinitely useful to browse by title.

In my catalog, the RFCs are in a series called “RFC”. If I could browse by series, then I could look at only the RFCs.

In my catalog, I’ve tagged many of my books and papers, so searching by tag would be helpful, too. In the RFCs, for example, I have 39 papers about Session Description Protocol (SDP) and they are all tagged with “SDP”.

Did you ever solve this issue? I found the post, but noticed that no one responded, but I’m wondering if you came up with a solution on your own.

I have a similar issue in cataloging audio files I use for videos and would like to find a solution that goes beyond simple tagging and comments.

No, I didn’t. It’s not available for the version of NextCloud that I’m running.

I’m also using Calibre for e-book management. It has a content server and I think that supports OPDS.