Broken Homepage on fresh installation

Apache: 7.2.33
DB: 10.2.33-MariaDB

I am installing nextcloud for the first time, on a VPS hosting account.
I tried the installer.php method and also with the zip file from the oficial nextcloud server.
I got it installed on a fresh blank DB with full permissions, assigned 512MB of memory to it and upped the execution times and file size limits.
Then i login for the first time, and this is what i get:

And a quick look to the code inspector:


I attempted the installation about 7 times, clearing the database, nextcloud folder, increasing settings to avoid error 500’s, etc.

What am i missing?

Thank you

I think on a VPS i would use another installation method without installer.php .

Read this installation method. Sorry for Debian GNU/Linux.
Perhaps you can move it from Debian to CentOS.

Your problem:
I think in your installation there are missed a lot of files.
404: file not found

devnull, you quoted me right where i said "and also with the zip file from the official nextcloud server"

I was refering to this:

So i see only 3 options to install nextcloud: the web installer (done, no go), the archive file (same issue) and the VM appliance that i can not implement in a cPanel.

Also the first line of my original post starts with the current configuration for my server, CENTOS… i have no clue why you mentioned all that about Debian, or assumed i was using debian.

404 … yes i know those, so this is why i am asking if i am missing anything here like dependencies or any other extensions. I choose to install the extra applications (mail, calendar, video, etc) that is offered during the simple installation process.
There are other errors besides the 404 errors…

I repeat, this is a clean new vanilla installation on an empty new cpanel, with 512MB of memory assigned to it, on CENTOS, and using MariaDB.

I hope now i was a bit more clear.

Do you have enough free space?

Just checked… 51GB free…
I got no restrictions under this WHM… i assigned many resources for this specific instance so HDD space should not be an issue.
Thank you

Did you tried the installation without cPanel?

Looks like that there are a lot of issues using cPanel.

I also did a search for “Linux” and there are lots of issues coming up in the results…
So you are suggesting i use a plain LAMP server and create the container for it without using cPanel? That would mean my whole VPS account which is managed with WHM is useless for nextcloud?

  1. (ok. assumes you have cli access.)

upsss. you need to tweak a bit your settings. a 1gb aws lightsale server isn’t working with the settings in my playbook out of the box.

there are so many working cloud servers and providers around. you shouldn’t miss that one.

coming back to your error: the css files are missing. you should check the apache logs for errors.

centos: selinux enabled or disabled?

There are also the options of snap and Docker.

Do you have shell access on this system?

I would not attempt it on less than 2 GB.

Specifically? And which 500 series error are you getting if you don’t mess with it?

Ok i see where this is going.
Nevermind, i am setting up a VM instance on google cloud, will try from there.
I followed the minimum recommended 512MB (
WIll try with 1GB for the new experiment.