Broke shared items after crash

I am running NC12 and ran into a strange issue. To make a long story short here are the highlights.
all users ended up locked out of nextcloud due to a Active Directory change including the admin account.
Finally deleted the active directory connection and when i tried to recreate it ran into problems. Basically it tried to save before the configuration was done and instead of ending up with S01 or something it was just there partially and would never respond. I finally got past that and was able to get it so everyone can log back in. and all of thier information is there with the exception of sharing data. There is nothing shared any longer. The worst news is that our backups were broken and the last good backup i have is from January.
What i would like to do is somehow import the old shared information from the january backup. Is it possible and which tables are needed? I tried restoring just the oc_share but there must be something else because none of those shared items show up. I can go through nextcloud to share something and it works fine so I know the app is working correctly. Any ideas on how to restore the old shared items?