Briefcasebriefcase function

looking for a briefcase type function like there used to be in windows where it would sync a folder, so if i was to make and edit on a document on my PC it would sync it to NC and to any other PC i sometimes work from…is this a thing ?

hi @Kevin_Holden welcome to the forum :handshake:

syncing files between NC server and client is exactly what desktop client does.
If you are looking for something else please describe your requirement more in depth.


Thanks for your reply. When you say desktop client is that an app i need to install to my desktop ? i have nextcloud running on my UNraid server as a docker and i can access it from the internet. Is the desktop client something i install on both devices i use mainly, my laptop and desktop…i think i am thinking about this the wrong way… for example, i have copies of a file stored locally on both devices, i work offline on the file on one device, when i go online would the changes sync to nextcloud and also sync the files locally stored on the other device ?.. or is it that i just have to work on the files from the nextcloud enviroment and not from locally stored files on the devices.

EDIT: downloaded the desktop client and connected to my nextcloud server remotely. So heres what i want to do… lets say i have a pictures folder on my desktop and laptop, some times i will work on something on the laptop but it wont be available or edited on the desktop, i would have to employ something like synctoy to do this, can this nextcloud desktop client be the solution i am looking for ?.. quickly looking at it though, can i set multiple different folders on both devices i want to keep in sync ? or do i have create one master folder on nextcloud and then have them sync from nextcloud to specified folders on the respective devices ?