Branding the Desktop Client

Hey there,

to less confuse our users, I’d be interested into branding the current Nextcloud Desktop App. Minimum start would be another window and tray icon title, but of course it would be nice if there was a general global variable to change the string “Nextcloud” to somewhat else anywhere (of course NOT in the copyright dialog!!!). I assume this is possible, as the rename from Own to Next had to happen in the past :wink:
Have been playing around with the source code a bit (and found the copyright dialog, fine), but whatever I change in the config or theming files (and re-build, of course), nothing seems to change. Any hints where to go?


HI @Oliver-81,

Did you make any changes to the NEXCLOUD.cmake file?

Yes, edited that file and noticed that it is used to generate the config.h file.

I see a changed user agent in HTTP requests, but the Application’s main window title stays the same.

Of course you know that you can change many things on the server part (that reflect to the client part)?

gives me a security warning…

Just replace with the url of your cloud :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: :blush:

Yes, I’ve seen that server-side branding. Haven’t seen some change in the desktop client, though…

I even tried to run a setup

NC Client <-> Proxy <-> NC Server

with the Proxy replacing all “Nextcloud” strings in responses to something else… But I see no changes in the desktop client.

Maybe I should learn something about QT. For example, the main window title must be somewhere in QT code, I assume.