Branding desktop clients

hi everyone, i tried to find help over at owncloud but i was unable to come to a resolution or anything…

I am looking for someone to help me to rebuild 3 of the desktop clients with the branding necessary for my project. apparently its a big deal, and apparently it costs $10,000 over there…

one guy offered to help, but never wrote me any of the details I asked for…

how long would it take to change a logo and a few strings, set a default server and make a build of each desktop client. win, osx, linux.? what are the costs with accomplishing that?

i hope someone can help me here… please pm me if you want with details.

Thanks a million


Well basically we do theming as well. Take a look at for some info.

hi rullzer, thanks for replying… I don’t really have the necessary understanding about building binaries from source…so looking at it doesn’t clarify anything for me…I wouldn’t know how to make the builds…

our dev platform is very high level, so even though I have developed our project, I’m clueless about how i would go about branding the clients and making the builds.

i don’t have the time to study this stuff…thanks anyways.

I’m looking for someone who knows how to do it and can do it easily and relaibly.

Hey Tom,

I know im almost a year late here, and hopefully you got your product finished, but this is so simple a baby could do it.

Just clone the git and see for yourself, all you need to do is

  • Swap out the images/logos for your own

  • Change the link and about section in the nextcloud.h file

  • Change the App Name/Details in OEM.cmake

compile/crosscompile for what ever system you want.

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Hi Jeremyrem. I want to implement client theming for my company but I don’t know how to do it. I tried to consult some software engineers but they also say that we have not did it. Please, can you explain me which software will I need for editing and compiling these apps which I got from nextcloud github? I want to implement for my company. Thanks.