Bounty: relate files, contacts and calendar entries to each other

Hi there,

first time poster, long time user of owncloud/nextcloud.

I am looking for a feature/app to relate files, contacts and calendar entries to each other. This would add so much value to the content which is stored in Nextcloud!

  • This file is a contract between these two contacts
  • This document is the protocol of this meeting
  • This file is a summary of these three documents
  • These four people have attended this meeting (calendar entry)

The types of realtionships should be customizable of course and should have an additional coments field of sorts.

I am sure you get the idea :slight_smile:
I’d be happy to help designing and testing the features!

(Is there a policy on Bounties? Some sort of mechanism to ensure that a bounty is paid? I am willing to pay a considerable amout of money - beacuase I strongly beieve that this would be a good step forward for nextcloud.)


Awesome, but you should add your proposal to the “Offering”, “Looking” and “Nextcloud Freelancing” categories as well.

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Alternatively, you could create an issue in the calendar on github and this will then show up in bountysource, I believe it’s ‘bountysource enabled’.

Creating relations between files and other objects (cards in Deck, chats in Talk, Calendar items, people in the address book) is something that would be very nice to have and in some of the examples I just gave already being worked on :wink:

I’d suggest you look in and for issues related to this and put the bounty there.

I think that arbitrary relations like the ones you mention, harkening back to ‘semantic web’ stuff, are kind of a next level - I think a first step would just be to have a relation, and I think you already get 95% of the benefit out of that.

I think that there are already some issues in Github that ask for something related to “arbitrary relations”:


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There is work ongoing on collections:

As far as I understood, these collections will not be “arbitrary relations”, they will be just relations which primary purpose up to now is to make the sharing of the related items (files, calendar items, …) easier

I thought to link up Deck meta bug Issue #2462 link boards to contacts, contacts to boards here