Booting from ssd not possible

Hi guys,

I would appreciate your help. I am following the instructions listed here. and did everything as described. I flashed the ssd a couple of times with the file mentioned in the description. When booting up the pi I am not able to connect. When I connect a screen It keeps repeating the following:

Any ideas what is wrong? I am starting to wonder whether the ssd is not compatible. I am using a Crucial MX500 2TB CT2000MX500SSD1 with 2TB of memory.

Thanks for your help!

try berryboot for your raspi.

btw: welcome to the nextcloud user-forum. though your problem isn’t in any way related to NC itself :wink:

If you need help with Pi’s this man’s videos might help you.

Hi guys,

thanks for your answers! I realized I made a really rookie mistake: I did not extract the file from the bz2 format before flashing it. :sweat_smile:

Now everything is working…