Bookmarks generic question

I installed the bookmarks app, and the floccus extension for Brave.
I want to sync all computers to the same bookmarks, same account and same user.

I setup the floccus extension on all 3 computers, all have windows 10, same browsers,same nextcloud account credentials and same floccuss settings.

One of the computers created it’s own folder on nextcloud called “Bookmarks Bar” and I don’t know why. .

There really should not be an extra folder like this. I guess I could remove the folder on nextcloud and remove the bookmarks and then re-sync or something.

I just wonder what could cause this while all browser,setting,accounts are the same.

Brave is a bit of an exception to most Chromium-based browsers because it doesn’t have the typical Bookmarks bar, Other Bookmarks setup like Chromium. Apparently they are using the Bookmarks bar folder as their only main folder.

Can you try checking whether the local folder to be synced is the root folder on all your browsers?