Bookmarks Crash

I updated “Bookmarks” to version 0.16.1 (on NextCloud 14) and it crashed Nextcloud with an “internal server error”.

Looking at the Nextcloud log, it appeared to say something about not being able to find a class - looked like an error in the underlying PHP - and I disabled “bookmarks” from the command line and got Nextcloud back up and running.

I now see an update to 0.16.2 and am wondering if this fixes the issue and is a safe upgrade?

There are other people actively making use of this Nextcloud instance, so I can’t afford to have things go up and down too often (equally, as some users might actually have made use of “bookmarks” then it’d be nice to be able to restore it too).

“Internal Server Error” is not a good look, particularly from just a bookmark app.


could you post the complete error message?