Bookmarks App: NC 20.0.6 and Bookmarks 4.0.8

Why do my bookmarks not display a preview icon for each site? Instead of a colour icon of the site as indicated on the app web site all I see is a generic monochrome iconScreenshot_20210127_150333

for which reason ever the bookmarks app seems to face severe problems right now… in another thread it got obvious that users can’t see their bookmarks anymore so maybe your problem is somehow connected to that.

would you mind filing an issue on Github?

SOLVED - I found a closed issue on Github #1252 identifying the need to check the Privacy option under ‘Settings / Administration / Bookmarks’ to enable access and collection of web page information. Now preview icons work. This must be a fairly new requirement because it had previously worked some releases ago and I didn’t turn it off. There is no instruction in the README so I never knew about it.