Bookmark Link in Firefox is not working


when I click the link (button) to add the current Website to my bookmarks in nextcloud, it does not work. There is no opening window where I can add more keywords. Can anyone help me that the button works fine?
I use the actual Firefox browser 64.0


have you tried it on multiple websites? It may not work on some due to website specific security policies.

Hi Marcel,

thanks for your reply, sometimes the answer is very easy. It seams that some websites have such security policies. Do you know, if I can deactivate such policies?

It appears to be possible to disable the Content Security Policy feature entirely, but I don’t recommend that, because it’s a security feature, as the name indicates.

There is a bug open on mozilla’s issue tracker concerning this exact problem (even though it’s already 6 years old):

Generally I recommend using a browser extension to interact with the bookmarks app. You can find the list of third-party clients here:

thanks for your infos, the thread can be closed