Board details can't be loaded: "Loading board"

Hello dear forum,

I have a installation of NC 21 and the actual deck installation from the Store.

After the update today to 21.0.1 i can’t load the “Board details. There is the screen"Loading board” forever.

Has someone the same problem?
I haven’t seen any problem in the log files (Logging App).

Thank you!


I guess you are talking about the Deck Web app? What Deck version exactly are you using?

the actual Version I installed over the NC appstore is 1.3.2

seeing your post it came to me to try it via the android app. this workaround works!

I have the same problem. Version 1.2.6 for NC20 has the same problem now after updating. Something is broken here sadly.

Small addition: Downgrading to 1.3.1 does not have the issue on NC 21.0.1

There is already an issue filed, i recommend to upvote and subscribe to it.

In the meantime you should be able to edit the board details with the Deck Android app as a workaround.

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Same issue here. Hopefully this will be fixed quickly.