Blue screen login problem

I installed your cloud but I didn t see login form .

We have a template that shows up for new posts. The purpose is that you gather all relevant information so we can help you. We don’t know which version of Nextcloud you installed and what system, if the installation worked or was not even finished, if it’s only a problem of mobile, …

Certainly. My system linux hosting . Nextcloud version 18.0.1 .Php version 7.2~.7.3 . I tested other computer and smart phone but not working

Without logs and just some hosting system, it’s difficult to help. At least the nextcloud logfiles should be a first starting point. See more:

There are some hosting solutions where the whole environment is set up in a way that Nextcloud does not work properly. So you might search a bit if others at your provider have already successfully installed Nextcloud.

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