Blocked my IP with Restrict Login app

Ok- I believe that I “banned” my own IP address. I am getting a " Not authorized Login from your IP is not permitted." message on my login screen. I had just installed the “restrict login to ip address” app.

Address shows

I have ssh and root access to the server. I am the (one and only) admin on the server.

I am using NC13 on a Rock64 board running Armbain (Ubuntu Server headless).

I already tried DELETE FROM oc_bruteforce_attempts WHERE ip =‘my.ip.addr.ess’; and also added my ipaddress in the config.sys file.

Thank you for your help!


Also-- I have tried to login through my VPN and still get the same message :confused:

Well a few hours later I finally found out I could use the OCC to disable the app!!! WOOHOO!!! Lesson learned and here is a link to the occ documentation for NC13.

I hope this helps someone else out too.


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