Blockchain as secondary or backup storage


I’m interested in having my local Nextcloud data data backed up to a secondary secure location and thought using a blockchain solution would be perfect. Would this be possible in either a manual setup by myself or through an app whereby my files are stored on my local Nextcloud and are also synched to a Sia or Storj blockchain storage solution?

Thank you.

Yes, you can install Sia storage for Nextcloud as discussed here. Based on the project Gitlab, I would not trust it due to lack of development and updates over the last two years.

You would be better off using a well supported, tested tool such as Rclone or Borg Backup to encrypt and backup your Nextcloud to secondary storage location of your choice. Hope this helps!

Hello @just and thank you for this reply.

I thought Sia was only for primary storage. But the link you provided is for external storage. Is there a way to rsync my primary local Nextcloud files onto external storage?

I see what you mean about support and App development for this Sia add-on to Nextcloud. It doesn’t appear to be very active.

I’ve heard of Borg backup. Any pointers on how this would be setup? Would I have my Nextcloud server and Borg installed on a separate server. Would I install a Borg backup agent on my Nextcloud and all my local Nextcloud get backed up to my Borg server and dedupe. Do I then take the data from Borg backup and rclone that data encrypted to offsite storage?