Blank page after upgrade to NC22


I had NC21+Community document server running fine but after upgrade to NC22 the Document Server does not work. When I click in any doc a new tab appears with the NC header and the rest a blank page. I’ve deleted the apps, reinstall again, same behavior. Nothing in the apache log or NC that helps. Any hint to recover the doc server?

Since I’ve loosed the feature I’ve tried to install a dedicated Document Server in a docker (same server) and it runs fine but I can’t configure it in my NC instance. The NC server is behind a proxy and the Document Server is not accesible from internet, only from the lan, can I configure the onlyoffice to use only the internal IP?

I know that they are different problems but I just need to recover the feature so I’ve tried both ways, if anybody can helps with one of them should be great :wink: