Black Screen with blue bar at top: MacOS 10.15.6 / NC Sync Client

I’m having some issues with connecting the MacOS sync client with my hosted NC instance. I’ve had the client successfully connected and running for nearly a year. This past week, I had to change my pword so tried to update the client to use the new password and I wasn’t successful. I updated to the new client (2.6.5) thinking that would solve the issue. It did not, so removed the account and tried to go through the setup wizard. After entering in the address, it sometimes would blink for a split second the login screen from my nextcloud host and then display a black screen with a blue bar on top. No other text is on the screen. I removed the 2.6.5 version, rebooted, downloaded the previous version and reinstalled and it reacted the same way. I also tried rebooting in Safe mode and also setting Safari as default browser to ensure that FireFox with privacy plugins were not causing an issue. Thanks for any help or recommendations.