Big step from 1.4 to 2.0: Why?

First thanks to Rello and xraMsamohT for their great work on Audio Player which started with “just a view improvements of Music Player for my kids”. :wink:


Roadmap shows great features coming in version 2.0. But why this big jump from 1.4 to 2.0? Why not smaller steps and more single new features?

The numbering of the app isn’t a component of a public discussion and not fix. :wink:

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Yes I know … but I’m waiting soooo excited for one or two features … :innocent:

We are not working on enhancements of the Files app in the near future.

No #115 Auto play in Files app in the near future?


no, we will not extend the Files app. not with the soundmanager play-bar, nor with any automation features.
The implications are too high because we would need to tweak the most core standard app and every version update would cost a lot of retest and potential adjustments.

thats not our focus and we cant perform this.

But with the next release, the performance will be enhanced a lot to handle big libraries much more efficient.
Not only will the graphical Album view be redesigned for much quicker start, we will also speed up direct access to e.g. the folder view. combined with a better sorting of these lists, it will even be more comfortable than using the files app directly.


Thank you @Rello for your clarifying words! - Perhaps you can improve the search or other points for “Playing folders”.

As you know I have thousends of folders and I really cannot manage them with the current Audio Player.

Great work, @anon99252149 & @Rello :+1:

I will contact you once the first RC of the new version is finished. Your testfeedback for this significant improvement would be very helpfull for us.


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