Big server, nextcloud gui is very very slow

Hello everyone, I have been searching for this and haven’t found anything that could help me fix this.

So I have quite a big server and I just set it up (2 CPU X5690 so 2x6 cores and 2x12 threads, 3,46Ghz, 65GB of RAM and it runs on an SSD), it runs on Ubuntu 18.04 with nginx, mariadb and ispconfig. Right now, nothing else is installed yet, nothing that will consume resources, but I plan to.

Despite that, it takes around 10 seconds to load a nextcloud page, and the log files indicate me nothing wrong. I didn’t put a cap on the amount of ram it can take and oh I use cloudflare.

I am the sole user of nextcloud and of the server right now. What can I do to make it faster?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Atin

some more information about your installation would be helpful - how did you install Nextcloud? All manually? Du you have a cache (Redis) active?


I don’t have redis at all. I installed nextcloud it through the gui. I use a normal sql database. I have a proper ssl certificate. I don’t know what other information I could give from the top of my head that could help in that case.

Caching of data via Redis, PHP binaries via OPcache is highly recommended and will boost the responsivenes of your server.

I’m not sure what you mean by “GUI” though.

The web interface. Is what I meant. I use cloudflare for caching already.

The web GUI isn’t an installation method. Those would be manual (unzipped into web root), Docker, snap, or you used a pre-built virtual appliance, etc.

And please also provide your web server and Nextcloud config files (sanitizer for sensitive info). We really can’t go further without this info.