Big number of songs

the scanning of the music files delivers following log:

Start scan for Klaus
Audios found: 58635
Duplicates found: 361
Written to music library: 57959 !!!
Albums found: 147
Errors: 315

When I started the audioplayer for user Klaus, i got the long running Circle.
After a long time the following message popped up and the audioplayer app didn*t work annymore.

Ein Skript auf dieser Seite ist eventuell beschäftigt oder es antwortet nicht mehr. Sie können das Skript jetzt stoppen, im Debugger öffnen oder weiter ausführen.


I think it is a problem with an timeout?
Because i am not able to change the default album-view, i can’t try if an other view is better.
Perhaps an directory-view would help, if you generate/render the files with their cover arts only in the active directory.?

thank you for the separate thread.

what is your expectation for the tool in this case? :slight_smile:

when I look at that many songs and albums, I think the album view is not the best anyway.
I think working with the category filters per default would be better for you anyway. one idea would be to default to them on first start for very big libraries.

any suggestion?

i like the Directory view, and now I found it was existent, because now i use only the files app and search the directories and start hearing music by clicking on the files.
Now this is possible, because of enabling the audioplayer app :smile: whitout using the app directly, because of the many titles.

On the other hand, I think the category filter will be better with big number of songs.

@eplusk We will implement folders as an additional category in the navigation of Audio Player. Many local players have folders as a category in addition to titles, albums, artists, and genres.