Big display problem


I have a big display problem since I updated with ctrl + F5. This problem is present regardless of the browser I use or the Nextcloud account. The home page has no problem. It’s only when I’m connected to Nextcloud.

Screenshot :

What I tried on my machine:

  • Clear my cache and cookies
  • Rebooting the computer
  • Flushdns

What I tried on the server:

  • Rebooting the server
  • Rebooting Apache2
  • Restarting php-fpm
  • Restarting memcached

The specifics of the :
Distribution: Debian 10
Web server: Apache2 + php-fpm 7.3
Cache : Memcached
Nextcloud Version: 19.0.1

Thank you for your help.

Hi, if it still looks like this, you could try the following: File is locked - how to unlock

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Hello !

Have you tried in a private window ?

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When its a general server problem try this:


With occ commands. I don´t understand which cache you mean. I think only the browser cache. :wink:

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Yes, private window, several other browsers as well as another machine.

Your solution is for Redis, so I’ve adapted it for Memcached, and everything seems to be back to normal.

Thank you all for your help.