Better windows client examples for ignore rules

I am trying to prevent local folders from being synced to Nextcloud Server.

I would like some better examples for the Nextcloud windows client. I do not know if the global ignore paths accept back slashes or not, the example only has forward slash and it is not specific about backslash being incorrect. I am wondering if I can I just copy the entire path from Explorer into the ignore rule eg C:\nextcloud\ignoredfolder\ and expect that folder to have a yellow “ignored” icon appear on it?

It it doesn’t accept backslash it should probably mention that since Windows users are always using backslash and have no way of knowing this will fail without prior knowledge.

Can I include the drive letter and paths such as as C:\nextcloud\ or does it need to be \ or does it need to be / or maybe something else?

Is the path it only relative to the nextcloud folder or is it only absolute when not using wildcards? Mt testing only seems to show the yellow icon with paths like /something//foo/

Is a trailing slash on a directory mandatory? because both ways seem to work and some random user comment says it is mandatory.

I have been trying all sorts of rules combinations and nothing I do seems to work as I expect it to, or at least the yellow icon doesn’t update after reloading the client and I can’t tell if my rules are going to work or not. I get files uploading when I don’t expect them to and then I don’t know if deleting them from the server will remove them from local or not.

It is all a guessing game without some more specific examples for windows.

I know about unchecking the box in the client, but that isn’t what I want to use since it is the opposite of what I need. That is for preventing remote folder from being synced to the client.

My testing for future reference and for anyone who needs to know in case the Help docs never get updated.

I have since realised that Pausing and unPausing client sync is the quickest way to test this and get the icons showing up and test this stuff.

I have a local folder called “nextcloud” where all my files are stored locally.

paths which fail to show the yellow ignored icon after resuming from pause


what works

I suspect the last one would match a file named foldertoignore too, so just include the forward slash to remind yourself it is a folder.

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