Beta 5 of Nextcloud Talk 15 released

Hey everyone,

a new Beta of Nextcloud Talk iOS 15 was just released to TestFlight. Join the Nextcloud Talk beta - TestFlight - Apple

What’s new in Beta 5?

  • iPad specific UI
  • Link previews (NC 25)
  • QR Code login
  • Allow to send call notifications to participants (Talk 15)
  • Enhancements to push notification subscription process
  • Save camera flash mode
  • Fixed forwarding messages with mentions
  • Small fixes and improvements

What’s new in Nextcloud Talk iOS 15?

  • Polls (Talk 15)
  • Message Search (Talk 15)
  • Send messages and start calls without notifications (Talk 15)
  • Expiring message (Talk 15)
  • Added “Diagnostics” in settings
  • Disable video when the app moves to the background
  • Additional conversation settings (e.g. “Open conversations”)
  • Allow to enabled SIP without pin requirement
  • Fix crashes while the app is doing a background fetch
  • Allow to add reactions when running on a Mac
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

In case you find a bug, please file a issue at GitHub - nextcloud/talk-ios: 📱😀 Video & audio calls through Nextcloud on iOS

Please note that a downgrade from a Beta-Version to the Release-Version in the AppStore is not supported. To downgrade you need to remove Nextcloud Talk iOS first and install it from the AppStore again.