Beta 3 of Nextcloud Talk iOS 15 released

Hey everyone,

a new Beta of Nextcloud Talk iOS 15 was just released to TestFlight :partying_face:. Join the beta at Join the Nextcloud Talk beta - TestFlight - Apple

What’s new in Beta 3?
Expiring message (Talk 15)
Allow to enabled SIP without pin requirement
Fix crashes while the app is doing a background fetch
Allow to add reactions when running on a Mac
Small fixes and improvements

What’s new in Nextcloud Talk iOS 15?
Polls (Talk 15)
Message Search (Talk 15)
Send messages and start calls without notifications (Talk 15)
Added “Diagnostics” in settings
Disable video when the app moves to the background
Additional conversation settings (e.g. “Open conversations”)
Bug fixes and performance improvements

In case you find a bug, please file a issue at GitHub - nextcloud/talk-ios: 📱😀 Video & audio calls through Nextcloud on iOS

Please note that a downgrade from a Beta-Version to the Release-Version in the AppStore is not supported. To downgrade you need to remove Nextcloud Talk iOS first and install it from the AppStore again.