Best way to use Nextcloud as a chat server

I have talk enabled, and XMPP chat. I like to use Pidgin during the day, which is a multi-protocol IM client. I also see that there are lots of clients for Matrix, which apparently integrates with Nextcloud.

My question is this: if I want my friends or colleagues to communicate with me using Nextcloud, I’d like to offer something other than the browser interface. I don’t know how likely it is that a lot of people would leave the nextcloud tab open in their browser. They would, however, use an IM client.

There is a Matrix plugin for Pidgin, but I wasn’t able to get it to connect to my instance. I also couldn’t get XMPP to connect. Are there any tutorials out there, or suggestions on how I would do this?

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Use matterbridge interface built into Talk to bridge your Nextcloud user with Matrix or XMPP chats. This is the way if the other participants are not on your Nextcloud server.

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Nextcloud Talk has both Android and apple clients.

There is JSXC so you can just use XMPP: