Best way to upgrade to NC13

Hi! I’m running Nextcloudpi v0.46.10 on my RasPi 3, but my Nextcloud instance is still at 12.0.2, while 13.0.0 is shown as available in the web interface.
Now, I remember that using the web inteface’s upgrade broke my installation the last time I used it so I’m hesitant to start it. Can someone provide me a guide on how to upgrade to NC13 in a clean manner without losing my files and setup?


  • nc-backup always so you can go back in case something goes wrong
  • then just run the updater in the NC admin panel

sometimes you have to disable some apps, then run the updater, then upgrade those apps, then enable them.

This wasn’t my case with NC13

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Running the docker stack in rancher community repo. Any idea what apps should be disabled? When I try the updater I just get a blank white screen inside the NC Frame.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks for the info! I’m facing an issue with nc-backup. I’ve created a new thread for that here: Nc-backup doesn’t work

there’s an app on the appstore called “can i update” or such. go and get it and it will show you which apps are not yet proofed for nc 13. so you could disable them before updating