Best way to map to Windows Users Home Folder


We are trying to create a windows home user folder as a folder for external storage on Nextcloud.

No matter how we select it, we are unable to get the credentials to save.

We have been successful with a generic share, but not a home folder.

We are using the path \windowsserver\fileshare$. I’m wondering if the problem is security at the root of the share, because where we really need to go is \windowsserver\fileshare$%username% but there doesnt seem to be a way to specify sub folders and I assume the system cannot use wildcards for folder paths.

Surely someone has done this, is there anyone who can provide some guidance?

These are some of the errors we are getting:
Some of the configured external mount points are not connected. Please click on the red row(s) for more information
Credentials saved

It does not seem to matter whether or not we tell it to use “log-in credentials, save in database” (which works for our generic share, or if we use “User entered, store in database”.

Thanks for the help.