Best way to make backup daily and weekly

I would like to know what is the best way for you to backup your files daily and weekly, thanks to everyone.

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simple answer:

thanks for the tip, I will search it

If you have a trusted backup system, you can pull data via rsnapshot.

Lately I have been learning how to use LXD Linux containers with Nextcloud on a ZFS pool and backing up data that way. Currently I stop my containers and rsync all my LXD data (so I’m not backing up hot data), and I have had Nextcloud mess up and restoring Just that container was easy. However, I’m learning how to use ZFS snapshots and doing zfs send/receive backups in place of rsync. Backing up is great and easy. I have about 30-60 seconds of downtime to stop my containers, take the snapshot and spin them up again. The backup process takes significantly less time too. My lack of knowledge prevents me from restoring specific snapshots, but I can restore the latest backup no problem. So that’s my idea to experiment with

I am noob on linux servers issue so I asked here what the best way in view of you, STRATACAST thanks for trying to help me but I did not understand almost anything of what you wrote :(, and TFLIDD I still do not have any backup system, I’m using nextcloud 2 weeks ago in my company and it’s only missing the backup part to join once in nextcloud. Thanks a lot guys for helping me with your tips.

Hey Felipe, I think then an easy solution would be to look at something like deja-dup. Since you say you’re a beginner, I assume you’re using a GUI right? If so, look at using gnome-backups which uses deja-dup as its backend and use that to backup your nextcloud web directory and data directory. Then you can use mysqldump to dump your database to a nextcloud.sql file and store that on the backup drive as well. Hope that helps

I try to use the owner app in Nextcloud but he have fails in your restore, and i try to use the instructions in the site of nextcloud to make backup manually and too have problems for me…

Even then, don’t start with solutions that require a GUI, you probably should move away from GUI on a server and if you implement many things that rely on it will make this even harder.

There are hundreds of solution, you first need to figure out where and how to make backups (push to remote storage, pull from remote system to remote storage (then even a compromised system can’t destroy old backups), external hard drive, …).

In my situation our hd’s are phisicals, nothing from Nextcloud should be stored in the cloud, i have trying to nextcloud because is my first job and have any things about server linux that i dont know…

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Guys, I use Rsync for the files and mysqldump for DB, and works very well, thanks so much for all.


:+1: It’s not that hard but a good idea to start on a local network and learn. Many other tools are also based on rsync and it’s not a bad start. and r0x.

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thank you tflidd, i guess that all begin is hard but I choice the best server of files and the best community <3