Best Self Hosted Webpage App for NextCloud launching?

What is the best app for setting up a self hosted webpage to launch my Nextcloud app by clicking on a Nextcloud Icon?

I have looked at Dashy, Homarr, and Heimdall. The problem with all these options is they only run in Portainer. Is there a Self hosting Webpage app that runs on Ubuntu Server without having to indatll Portainer?

I also looked at COCKPIT but it does not seem to support a self hosted webpage.

Any advice welcome.

The bookmarks toolbar in your browser!? :wink:

You don’t need Portainer in order to run a simple Docker container like Dashy or Heimdall.

This has nothing to do with Nextcloud and is therefore rather offtopic here. Only this much: Make yourself familiar with Docker and follow the installation instructions on the respective websites of the projects.

How many “apps” do you want to manage on your webserver?

You can also write a normal website. You can use norml http a href links on an html website including Nextcloud icon. For minimal websites you can use W3.CSS see templates. Yes, you don’t always have to install software. W3.CSS uses only one CSS file.

Here is a list: GitHub - awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted: A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers

Look up how to use avahi or nginx so you can access from cloud.local

This will make your cloud easy to find.