Best practises for Installation of Nextcloud and Storage

Hello Guys and Girls,

I have the following situation:

I got 2 Servers. One will serve my applications to my clients and the other one will be used as data storage.

Now I am thinking on the best way of how to install Nextcloud and utilizing the storage .

Right now I am questioning if it is better to install Nextcloud on my applicationserver and utilize the storage server for my storage (which would creating backups relatively easy because I could just backup my whole application server and in case of server failure i would be up and running in no time) or would it be better to install nextcloud seperate from my applications on the storage server and utilizing zfs for the storage ?

I am not really an Expert on all of the storage things so I wonder if someone has some tips for me on how to proceed.


Whats the best way on setting up a Nextcloud instance ?
Either on my Application Server and adding the Storage (we are talking about 100TB) over Network or install Nextcloud directly on the Storage Server and utilize zfs? Or would you do it in a completely different way?

Thanks in advance