Best practise for sharing only with guests


I installed the latest NC version on a debian, it´s running at first, thats ok.

Now I need a tip, how I can use it:

I have 1 or 2 users here, which share files with round about 50-100 clients.

This clients should only be able to download the share files and upload ONLY to my users, not to anothers. This clients should not see each others in adressbook or so.

I tried you use the app “guests”, but not so happy with it. It seems a bit buggy, when a new guest should create a password, he get 403 error. Its a fresh install, maybe there is a bug in the app or so.

Has someone any idea, how can I use it? Our Users should see all clients of his adressbook, but not the clients each others. I switched of the adressbook, but its not very comfortable for my users to fill in email-adress every time.

I also need a notification about download from clients and only want to share files after client registration, because of security rules.

Thank you.

you can prevent users from creating “own” content by setting 0 quota. This way they could only upload to some shared resource of another user (has some flaws - e.g. unable to add images to talk room). You can limit address book of the user to members of group - you need to create a group for every user - but has also an advantage if multiple clients belong to same group they could even interact inside of the group.

the guests app is widely used I can’t imagine it has such a bug. As your installation is new I would double check if there is some issue.

You can take a look at Circles and Collectives which might be a good alternative (not sure it works without “internal users”).

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Maybe I found the reason for 403 Error when setting a password as a guest: To short password.

The error should be another one, but it´s ok. I changed the password policy a little bit, now I think it works fine for me.

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