Best practice for mounting group folder as network drive in Ubuntu with 18.04

Good morning,

I’m setting up a data storage server for an academic project with a large number of participants and, despite searching all morning for a viable nextcloud configuration, I have yet to find an example that perfectly fits my use case.

The team using the server will be routinely generating batches of large data files (possibly 10’s of gigabytes in size) on an external hard drive (plugged into a mobile robot), and at the end of each day wanting to upload these files directly to the nextcloud server. These files will then need to be accessible to the entire team so they can play back the data collected, while being read-only (except to admins) to prevent accidental deletion or modification.

One further complication is that many of the users (particularly the admins) strongly prefer the Ubuntu command line over using a web interface, and the data files will likely be uploaded that way.

My initial thought was to create a group folder for the entire team with full permissions for the admins but read-only for standard users, then use WebDAV to have admins mount the group folder as a network drive so as to upload files from the command line or file browser (but not store them locally on the machine they’re uploaded from)

My questions: Can group folders be mounted via WebDAV?
Will this setup achieve my desired behavior?
If the regular group folder users with read-only permissions use WebDAV as well, will the mounted folder preserve their read-only permissions?

Thanks very much