Best practice for admin'ing file structure

Hi folks,

My organisation needs someone to maintain a file structure. This means that from time to time I need to delete others’ files, recover files others have inadvertently deleted and so on. I can see everything from the server, but I don’t want to mess with files that way since there is version control and database information.

What is the right way to do this?

By the way, recovering inadvertently deleted directories and files is the #1 thing that I am asked to do. My method is always clunky because the software doesn’t really facilitate this sort of action. But from experience it’s basically the only admin work that I do aside from creating accounts for people.


Normally people can restore files themselves via trash-bin. As admin, you can directly access a user’s files and folders (surely on a file system level).

Only method you can restore files is when you share a folder. If a file is deleted, it is send to the trash-bin of the deleting user and the file owner. So as admin you can share a folder with everybody, if someone deletes a file it will get in your trash-bin.