Best Case Data Backup and/or Archive

After some help, I have a very nice NC 11x install on Ubuntu 16x LTS.

The server is a twin xeon with a 29TB data array configured at a RAID 5 array - 3 mirror arrays in a stripe.

Most common use will be for data accessibility for a small group of people It will be a TB or so of data, but it won’t change much.

In a perfect world I’d replicate that data (adding new, keeping deleted for x days) online with my 1TB one drive (SharePoint) account. End of story.

But, I also have access to a multiple TB NAS on the same 10GBoE network that I can use.

I’ve explored many options over the last week, Deja-Dupe, FFS, GoodSync, rsync and a few I’m sure I’m forgetting. Nothing seemed to meet my (simplistic??) needs of a second data copy modified with updates with version keeping.

Any suggestions?